• CaseCATalyst (Version 20.1) with AudioSync

  • Correct spelling errors, punctuation--all things editing

  • Steno note reading--correct mistrans/untrans

  • Set up scan stops, conflicts, and hidden notes for your attention

  • Adjust format inconsistencies 

  • Insert includes as needed

  • Medical terminology

  • Dictionary building (to update area)

  • Full audio 

  • Extensive research of names, places, & terminologies

  • Use of Dropbox for file transfers

  • On-time completion

  • Strict confidentiality

  • Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters, The Gregg Reference Manual Margie Wakeman Wells’ Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation​, Chicago Manual of Style, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and Google (of course!)

  • Adherence to YOUR preferences (preference sheet available & required)

  • Objective:  Always readability!


  • Proofreading in Case CAT 

  • Correct all spelling, capitalization, punctuation, homophones,  context, and inconsistency errors

  • Adjust formatting issues

  • Reference material: same as for Scoping

  • Preference sheet available & required. 

  • On-time completion

  • *Note: I do not use audio when proofreading--I "read" only-it preserves and ensures  the integrity of accurate "proofreading".

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