"Fast is fine, but accuracy  is everything."-Wyatt Earp

Preference Sheet

For SCOPING & PROOFREADING, please download, print, fill out, and sign either the Word or PDF version of the Preference Sheet.

After completion, return the form to me either via Dropbox or email.  It may be returned  either as a scanned document or by taking a photo of each page with your phone, then Dropboxing or emailing those pages to me--either works just fine. 

I do  the "everything" and with accuracy.

After scoping and/or proofreading every transcript, I use a good-old-fashioned paper checklist to ensure I have not missed anything. *Click on the  "Button" below to take a peek at my checklist:)

Here are  the transcript inaccuracies/issues that I look for and then correct:

  • ​Punctuation 

  • Numbers

  • Cross-checking consistency and accuracy  of names, exhibits, & dates throughout the transcript

  • Spelling, jargon, slang, terminology, locations, and names

  • Capitalization corrections

  • Formatting: bylines, Q & A, tabs, justification, spacing, colloquy, indexes, appearance pages, certificates, & title pages

  • Correct word usage, missing words, & homophones 

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