Payment Information

  • For the first two (2) jobs, I will email an invoice with the completed transcript. Payment is due upon receipt. Upon establishing a good working relationship, I will begin invoicing with a Net 10 account. 


  • Payments may be made by mail with a money order or by credit/debit via FRESHBOOKS.  An invoice with a link to pay online will be sent to your email upon completion of the transcript.  * I also accept PayPay.



  • Invoices that are not paid within 10 days of the due date will be subject to a late charge of $25.00, and subsequent late charges may apply for continued unpaid invoices. *Additionally, no further scoping work will be accepted with an outstanding balance that is overdue for more than 10 days until the balance is paid in full. 


  • Any outstanding invoices beyond 60 days may require legal action and/or collection services on my part, and the client will be responsible for all costs associated with either or both of these actions.  It's just so much easier not to go there!



*Important "Stuff"

Everyone has a bad or "off" day, so I do not charge for excessive page growth. BUT if it is a continual issue after I have scoped two transcripts for you,  that will require us to have a professional conversation and an assessment as to whether we are a good fit for working together.  

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