Getting Started

File Transfer

  • Email or call me to check that my availability matches your needs.

  • Send me your file through Dropbox ; you do not need to have a Dropbox account--use the "File Upload" Box on the right, or I can send you a "Request File" link to your email--easy as pie!

  • I will acknowledge receipt of your file via email as soon as it is received. 

  • Send me your completed & signed  Preference Sheet/Terms via email.

  • Email or Dropbox me an exemplar sample transcript to use as a "model."

  • Email or Dropbox your layout, includes (blurbs), and job/case spelling list of names, places, etc. 

**Note: When I return the final scoped transcript, please SCAN for my "flags" or scan stops--I will email you my list of flags/scan stops  when I return your copy of the signed preference sheet to you.

Getting your transcript to me is easy by using  Dropbox .  It's even easier if you use the link below:

To use Dropbox, use the box below:

To protect your files (and mine!), my computer has the latest versions AVG Anti-virus software , Carbonite cloud back-up software, and an additional back-up to an external drive.

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